5″ AHPCO Cell


Replacement Cell for Air Oasis G3 3000 and Air Oasis 3000(before 2011). Replace every 2-3 years.



Important Info:

1. If you own a Air Oasis air purifier made before 2011, the G3 AHPCO replacement cells will not fit your machine. Be sure to order the part marked “Before 2011″. If you have a question about which part you need , simply send an email along with your order or call with the serial number ( located at the bottom of the unit).  If Your unit doesn’t have a serial number on the bottom , open the case of the air cleaner and take a picture of the internal parts. Email the picture to us. We want to make sure you get the part you need!

email: info.breathebetterair@gmail.com
phone: 806-477-0322

2. If your Unit says ” DC” on the serial number located at the bottom of the unit, you will need the “G3 AHPCO cell”

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