How Air Oasis Works

Have you ever Cut or Scraped your Skin
and used Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean the Wound?

Of course you have, we all have. Hydrogen Peroxide is one of best things you can use to ensure that you have properly removed the bacteria that could cause an infection and hinder healing.
Now imagine cleaning the air in your home by pouring on or misting every airborne mold, bacterium, allergen, or contaminents caused by VOC’s (glues, paints, etc.) with hydrogen-peroxide leaving you free from breathing in airborne infection and germs. That is the function of the Air Oasis UV Air Purifier in a nutshell.

With modern advances in processes of tightly sealing our homes and buildings, we as a society have not only engineered a way to keep the outside elements from getting indoors, we have also inadvertently become skilled at keeping indoor air pollution locked inside. Because of this fact, we now face the burden of keeping the indoor air we breathe free of infectious allergens, bacteria, spores and so forth.

ahpco technologyThe proprietary technology that Air Oasis uses brings “Natures Own Already Perfect Air Cleaning Methods” right into your house or office.
Air Oasis “AHPCO Technology” is the next generation in “photo catalytic oxidation”.

What is Photo catalytic Oxidation? Photo catalytic Oxidation Process

A photo catalysis is a substance that brings about a chemical reaction on being exposed to light. Oxidation is simply the result of that reaction.

The Air Oasis Nano PCO cell targets a UV lamp onto a hydrated metallic catalyst consisting of rare metals that cause a reaction, mostly consisting of hydro peroxide ions, hydroxyl ions, and low ozone.

How does this explain why Air Oasis uses cleaning methods already found in nature?

Start with hydroxyl ions. Hydroxyl ions are one of the earths main ways of keeping the air we breathe clean. They are created when the sunlight hits a body of water. The UV targeted hydrated catalyst contained in the Air Oasis is formulated to achieve the same oxidizing and ionizing benefits of hydroxyl ions created by the sun and water in nature.

That’s only one example.

Hydro Peroxide ions are created in the atmosphere when UV collides with oxygen in the presence of moisture. Again all contained within the Air Oasis PCO catalyst.

The Air Oasis simply reproduces a blanket of redundant oxidizers already found in nature that will not only reduces mold, bacteria, fungus, viruses etc. in the air but on surfaces such as counter tops and tables.

AHPCO Technology

Replicating Nature and the Sun

tech ahpco

Ions are Created from UV Light: The UVC lamp destroys germs that pass by. Redundant air-cleansing ions are then formed from water vapor when rays of light from the UVC lamp excite the AHPCO Catalyst.

Bacteria, Viruses, VOCs & Other Pollutants are Destroyed: Redundant ions actively seek out pollutants and break them down. They are neutralized as the contaminants are destroyed.

Harmless By-products of Water Vapor: Ions revert back to harmless water vapor and the cycle repeats, thereby reducing additional contaminants.

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