Air Purifier For Mold

Reduction Tests Conducted On Air Oasis Mold Air Purifiers


nice ladyIf You Are One of Millions of People that Suffer from Allergies Due to Exposure to Mold in your Environment,

you know first hand the kind of havoc Mold spores can have on your health. When you have a mold allergy, your immune system overcompensates when you breathe in mold spores. The reaction can cause a whole host of triggers that make you cough, make your eyes itch and make you all around miserable. Breathing in mold spores can also be a trigger for a asthma attack.


For you and the millions just like you,
The Answer is Simple. Reduce the amount of spores in the air you breathe and you will reduce the amount of symptoms that you are experiencing related to the mold in your air.

Some Mold is easy to identify and remedy. Mold grows where there is moisture in the atmosphere. Leaking pipes are among the more common areas that create mold in our homes and offices. If you find that is the case, have the leaks fixed and clean the mold and ensure the area remains completely dry afterwards. This is a very basic outline for a problem that can serve to be way harder to solve than it sounds.

The truth is that many mold related problems are much harder and near impossible to remedy. Homes and businesses equipped with HVAC (central heat and air units) can often times have a major mold spore epidemic happening right in their own space. Because of the atmosphere of moisture inside the HVAC housing caused by condensation related to the cooling coils and unemptied drip pans, the HVAC apparatus can actually be the cause and the delivery system for a mass of mold spores through out the air in your home or office.

One Solution you can implement to reduce the amount of mold spore colonies in your air is the use of an Air Oasis Air Purifier For Mold. Air Oasis Mold Air purifiers use a proven technology that are back by lab tests that demonstrate the type of mold spore reduction you can expect when you operate one of their units in your home.

Mold Reduction Charts:

MicrobialChart (1)
Reductions of mold, bacteria and fungus after 24, 48 and 72 hours using the AO3000 Xtreme. Tests were conducted at variable distances from the air purifier.