Advantages Over HEPA

family_2What Are The Advantages of Using an Air Oasis Air Purifier for Allergies Compared to a Hepa Filter Air Cleaner?

1. Effective Removal of Germs

A. An Air Oasis air purifier Air Oasis’ Nano HCT PCO, the most powerful air cleaning technology available. It will destroy the airborne germs and allergens along with mold spores and
harmful bacteria that are at the source of many odors and allergic reactions on the spot. As well as surfaces. See labtests

B. The majority of air purifiers
on the market today rely on using HEPA filters and other filtration methods.
This method is great for larger particles, but some smaller particles and contaminants simply pass through the filter. The contaminants trapped in the filter help create better breeding grounds for additional growth of bacteria and
mold. Therefore, if the filters are not changed frequently the poor IAQ only becomes worse. Air Oasis’ proprietary technology destroys mold, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, and odors rather than simply trapping them or allowing them to circulate directly through the air purifier.

2. Maintenance and Maintenance Cost

A. An Air Oasis Air Purifier requires maintenance only once up to 3 years. The simple replacement of the AHPCO cell. The replacement cell price for the Air Oasis 3000 is $89.00 for 3 years.

B. The Average HEPA air filter has to be replaced at least once every 3 months for optimal performance.
There are different HEPA companies that advertise that you only need change the filter once a year. But really how much hair and dust are going to be able to filter before it is too clogged to work effectively. At least you are looking at cleaning a filter once a month which is going to degrade it. And the replacement of the filter every 6 months. You may be looking at hundreds of dollars in filter replacements compared to the Air Oasis. If your HEPA cleaner contains a UV lamp you are also going to have to consider the cost of replacing that once a year.

3. Energy Cost

A. An Air Oasis uses roughly the same amount of energy as a light bulb.

B. A HEPA air cleaner is basically a motor that pulls to air from the entire room through a filter. Energy costs will be somewhere around the same as running an air conditioner.

4. Amount of Sq Ft Covered.
You Can Breathe Easy Now!
A. One Air Oasis 3000 air purifier will cover up to 3000 sq ft.

B. Most HEPA air purifiers are rated for about 350 sq ft. Some higher end purifiers can handle up to 750 sq ft.

5. Versatility

A. An Air Oasis air purifier is also a surface sanitizer that will help keep bacteria from growing on your counter top, table tops, etc.

B. A HEPA air purifier will do zero to destroy contaminants on surfaces.

6. Noise

A. Air Oasis Stand Alone Units utilize a whisper quiet fan comparable to a computer fan.
The Air Oasis Nano Induct creates zero noise.

B. HEPA air cleaners are known for their blanket of “White Noise” Some manufacturers advertise it as a calming noise to help babies sleep. Remember that HEPA ratings are based on the fan in the units staying on high all the time. Yes a fan kept on high is noisy.

7. Will A HEPA air purifier work in concert with an Air Oasis?

A. Absolutely. A HEPA filter in conjunction with a Air Oasis will help remove hair and larger particles
that the Air Oasis will not do alone. But because the Air Oasis is extremely effective at destroying bacteria, viruses, allergens, as well as mold spores and VOC’s, We recommend you purchase a cheaper filter purifier from your local Walmart if you decide you absolutely need it. The reason is that with the Air Oasis running you do not need the expensive true HEPA filters because you are only trying to trap large particulates like hair and dust, The Air Oasis will get the rest. So save your self the expense and get something cheap with cheap replacements.