Air Oasis Air Purifiers Are Maintenance Free For Up To 3 Years!

There Are No Filters to Change, No Plates to Scrub, No Internal Parts To Clean.

The Only Maintenance Is The Replacement Of The AHPCO Cell Once Every 3 Years.

A Job That Will Take You 5 About Minutes.

How Effective Are They?
The Answer is Very.

Air Oasis’ Proprietary AHPCO Technology is Capable Of Destroying High Levels of:

1. Mold Spores
2. Allergens
3. Allergens
4. Airborne Bacteria
5. VOC’s
6. Odors

Air Oasis Air Cleaners Are Also Capable Of Sanitizing Surfaces Such As Tables And Table Tops

West Texas A&M

Lab Tests Conducted by Dr. Nabarun Ghosh, AssociateProfessor of Biology.Department of Life Earth and Enviromental Sciences at West Texas A & M University.

Air Oasis Air Purifiers Are Manufactured in Amarillo Texas. Made In The U.S.A.

Made in the USA

Air Oasis G3 1000

Air Oasis 3000 Xtreme
mobile sanifier

ahpco cells

Indoor Air Quality Test Kit